More than 20 towns. 213 movies. 961 screenings. 70,610 viewers.


Kino Mediteran is a revitalising project for Dalmatians cinemas whose main goal is to revive cinemas and to bring film programmes to smaller places where cinemas have been closed for a long time.

In 2012, around 4,000 viewers visited the first Kino Mediteran for a total of 33 screenings in 11 towns, and as many as 70,610 viewers attended 961 screenings in 2023. With an average of 74 viewers per screening, Kino Mediteran is among the most visited cinemas in Croatia, especially in the context of the size of the towns and places of the screenings held.

Kino Mediteran continues all year long and consists of digitally equipped cinemas in 12 towns and the popular Kino Mediteran "tour". The process of equipping and infrastructural renovation of as many as 12 cinema venues and open-air cinemas is successfully taking place with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media. Together with local partners, local government, a unique venue management model has been developed, which has become an example of good practice at the international level.

Our traveling cinema, the so-called "tour", travels both in summer and winter to a dozen cities and towns with the aim of maintaining the continuity of screenings and successfully reaches the audience in the smallest and most remote places of Dalmatia.

Kino Mediteran brings current features to the audience, and a special programming focus is given to the films from European and world cinema, as well as domestic productions. With movies for children, as well as numerous educational programmes under the name "Little Mediterranean", many of the youngest visitors were able to visit the cinema and get introduced to the film on the big screen.

Although operating Kino Mediteran all year round is aimed at the local population, the uniqueness and attractiveness of open-air cinemas attracts numerous foreign visitors. Before the launch of Kino Mediteran, not a single summer festival in the host cities offered a film programme to the audience. With bilingual subtitling of films during the summer, cinemas have become accessible to foreign visitors, and numerous photos of unique summer stages travel around the world, which is a significant contribution to the development of cultural tourism in Dalmatia.

 In 2014, Kino Mediteran became a distributor of attractive independent films from European and world cinema, which it distributes in cinemas throughout Croatia. Kino Mediteran is a member of the Croatian Independent Cinemas Network, as well as the Europa Cinemas, the network of independent European cinemas.

Kino Mediteran is a joint project of the Mediterranean Film Festival Split and the host cities, which through their patronage and partnership helped the project to successfully come to fruition. Kino Mediteran is financed with the institutional support of the Kultura Nova Foundation and the programme support of the Ministry of Culture and Media,the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Creative Europe MEDIA strand, the Office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Tourist Board of Split-Dalmatia County and the Agency for Electronic Media.