• Hvar

  • Ul. Dinka Kovačevića 3, 21450, Hvar

The situation changes in the summer of 2012, when Kino Mediteran arrives in Hvar as a three-day pilot project and experiences great success and response from the audience, and indicates the clear need of the people of Hvar for a cinema. During the summer season of 2013, cinema programs are becoming more and more frequent, and since March 2014, they have been held regularly even outside the tourist season. In the summer of 2014, Veneranda ceases to be a club, and the cinema is held 3 to 4 times a week in the summer. Thanks to the good results and the strong development of the audience, Kino Mediteran and the City of Hvar received investment support from the Ministry of Culture for digital equipment, and since the summer of 2016, the cinema has been operating with new technical equipment. Cinema Mediteran Hvar is organized in partnership with the City of Hvar


Movies of American production: 6 € 

Dubbed movies for children: 5 € 

European and other independent movies: 5 € 

The cinema has a bar offering drinks and popcorn. Box office sale starts 1 hour before movie, or you can purcahse tickets online. 

You can see in what language the film will be shown by clicking through on the schedule - we tend to show films in their original versions with subtitles, except for children's films.

In case of cancellation of the screening due to bad weather you can request a refund at box office (ticket number is required) or at tickets@kinomediteran.hr (for tickets purchased online). In case of beeing late for the screening-refund is not possible. Thank you for your kind understanding!

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